Climbing And Boxing Basics

Fun Fitness

Great exercise for everyone!

Fun Fitness

Top-rope climbing and limited bouldering for beginners and experienced climbers. Boxing basics using the speed-bag, double-end-bag, slip-bag, and heavy-bag to improve overall fitness.
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Our Pricing

1 Visit $7
4 Visits $21
Equipment Rental $3
1 Visit
4 Visits

Climbing & Boxing

$71 Visit
$214 Visits
  • Equipment Rental $3
    Top-Rope Climbing
    Limited Bouldering
  • Try Out 1 Visit
  • Good For Groups

What equipment do I need for climbing and boxing?

The only requirement for both climbing and boxing are clean shoes that haven't been worn outdoors. There are also rental shoes available for climbing as well as harnesses and auto-locking belay device(ATC Pilot). You can also rent boxing shoes, gloves and many other coaching equipment used for boxing.

How old do I have to be to use the facility?

Children younger than 13 years old will need a responsible adult to supervise and patrons under 18 years of age will need a parent to sign a Canyon Walls paper waiver at the facility. Patrons 14 years and older are allowed to use the facility without a parent present.

Do I need to schedule a climbing or boxing session?

Walk-ins are welcome. You can also schedule a climbing or boxing session by calling or texting 928 660-3692 or by booking a session on the Canyon Walls facebook page.

Is indoor climbing safe for children?

CLIMBING ANYTHING IS DANGEROUS! Canyon Walls offers top rope climbing with an auto locking belay device and auto locking carabiner that connects to the climbers harness. Children start out by climbing sideways on the walls before they start to progress and climb to the top of the wall using the top rope, harness, and belayer.